Featured Stories

Below are samples of full weddings and sessions, giving you a great way to see my overall style of aesthetic of photography.

Lindsay + Mike Engagement

These two invited me into their home and poured me a glass of champagne before we started the engagement session. My heart is forever theirs!! We had a so much fun touring around Stanley Park and English Bay together, and they graciously accepted being my first smoke bomb guinea pigs.

So really, this session was the 💥


Victoria + Jordan

Queen Elizabeth Park Wedding

My first wedding of 2017 was with these two beautiful people, and took place on the first sunny day of the year!  We spent the afternoon touring around Stanley Park on an old fashioned Trolley before heading to Queen Elizabeth Park for their intimate evening wedding ceremony.

Baby Harrison

A beautiful at home session with the Colby family and their new little man Harrison. This session was full of laughter and light, the images are carefree and depicting life just as it when you have a toddler and a newborn... happy and crazy!

Marta's Maternity Session

This is beautiful Marta, her story of parenthood is one that will stay close to my heart forever. We met on a gorgeous, windy day at the beach with an incredible backdrop of storm clouds and sunshine. A perfect way to share this momma's story.

Baby Colton

This was such a sweet newborn session with a beautiful new family in North Vancouver. I absolutely adore taking photos of new little people and creating memories for parents to keep forever. The first few weeks of having a new baby at home go by in such a blur (I know, trust me!) and it's so special to give back these moments that might otherwise be forgotten in the newborn haze.

At Home Boudoir

Feeling good in your own skin is something to celebrate, and I take my hat off to all those beautiful ladies who want to document how incredible they are by stepping in front of my lens. We should all be proud of our curves and edges. I am so honored to be the one to give you more than just "sexy" pictures, I am giving you a way of seeing yourself like you never have before, showing you that you can be grateful and confident with the body you have, no matter what it looks like.

The Ishmael Family

This awesome little family met me on a rainy (of course) afternoon in Vancouver and were the most wonderful people to photograph. They rolled with the punches and didn't let a little bit of wet weather get in the way of making memories - these are my kind of people.


Shona + Fraser

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Wedding

These two beautiful people invited me to Mexico and I jumped at the chance to share in their incredible day. Not only were they the most gracious hosts, but they threw one of the best parties I've ever seen. Did I mention the scenery? Mexico is officially one of my favorite places to photograph.

Momma Lisa ⎮ Maternity

This lovely mom-to-be asked me for images that would capture this incredible time in her life, and I was so happy to oblige. I wanted to give her photos showing how amazing a woman's body is, how beautiful it is, how strong it is. When you;re going through the most transforming time in your life you should see yourself how your loved one's see you... beyond beautiful.

Baby Aiden ⎮Newborn Session

New parents Carolynn + Eamonn welcomed me into their home 2 weeks after the arrival of sweet baby Aiden. I spent a magical afternoon cooing over this tiny bundle of love, capturing all his perfection (including red hair!). Those first few weeks with a new baby are such a blur and fly by so quickly, I absolutely love stopping this time in your life and giving you memories to keep forever.


Kim + Matt ⎮ Tofino, BC Wedding

This was basically the perfect day. Surrounded by a wild and wonderful group of family and friends, these two said their vows on the edge of the ocean, basked in gold sunshine. From surfing and the spa to forest walks and a beach ceremony, this wedding was a dream to witness.

This is Motherhood

I had the pleasure of photographing 12 different Mommas with their kids in a beautiful studio here in Vancouver. It was an early Mothers Day gift for them all and it made my heart so happy to give them a snap shot of what Motherhood looks like for them.

Baby Jacob

This sweet at home newborn session defines why I am a photographer. Capturing the most joyous memories for people I love will always be the feul to my fire, and this little man is the brand new babe to my dear friends David + Lisa, who hold a very special place in my heart.


Darcy + Rob

Vancouver Club Wedding

This was an elegant and beautiful affair held at the Vancouver Club in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Darcy and Rob were full of anticipation and joy and I don't think I have ever photographed a sweeter couple; completely unaware of everything around them, focused only on the love they had for each other. I loved this wedding for it's grandness and simplicity all at once, the most wonderful of days.

Bennett Family Photos

This evening session had some of the most incredibly warm light I have ever been lucky enough to capture. How incredible it was to spend a night like this with a family so open and carefree, the images were a complete reflection of how simple it was to capture this families love.

Victoria + Jordan ⎮Engagement

My first wedding of 2017 will be with these two sweethearts, in the spring when everything is new and budding. So we decided to capture their engagement photos at the end of summer, in beautiful September when the sun is still golden but the air has turned crisp. This evening was incredible, the perfect light with perfect couple.