This is Motherhood. The endless out pour of love and adoration to a tiny person you just can't get enough of. It's long days, lots of tears, scraped knees, tantrums, food strikes, sleep strikes, early mornings, late nights, homework, soccer practice and broken rules. It's watching them grow and explore and becoming their own person while always carrying a bit of you with them, trying to teach them strength and confidence while hoping they might want to stay on your hip a little longer. Looking into your child's eyes and knowing there will never be an end in sight to the love you grow inside of you, the pride you feel or the joy that has taken root in your heart. It's spending most of your days living in a state of happy chaos and never asking to be thanked. It's these moments here, the look between these mothers and their kids, the small moments in between the busy rush of life that I was able to capture and save for all time, a forever keep sake on the wall that say's "You are enough, you are everything they need."

This is Motherhood.