Hi there. I’m Katie.


My first son Lochlan passed away when he was three weeks old, and in the past I have kept that part of my life separate from my business. I didn’t want to combine the two, I didn’t want it to make things messy. But life is messy, and my first son has made me the person I am today. I have learned compassion, empathy and kindness in a way I can’t explain, and I have realized that the part of my life that holds great sadness, also makes me better at my craft. My family is a huge part of my complete makeup, and having them mixed in with everything else I do just makes sense.


My name is Katie and I'm looking forward to creating beautiful memories with you. I am a mother to 4 beautiful children; four year old twins, a 1.5 year old babe and my sweet son in heaven.  I understand the meaning of moments and preserving life's fleeting time more than anyone. Those moments that seem small are actually full of the deepest meaning. I've been photographing families for the past 5 years and have fallen in love with the connection I witness between mothers, fathers and children. My style is journalistic and I search out creative light within every home I enter. I love photography for what it gives our future selves, it truly is a passion of mine and I consider myself fortunate to share it with you.

What you gain from hiring me is an eye that is accustomed to life with a child. Babies sometimes need extra time, toddlers move fast, older kids sometimes (always) hate being told what do. Everyone (especially Dad) needs a snack.

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