Baby Amaya

Vancouver, BC

When I walked into this families apartment here in Vancouver, BC I immediately saw that photographs were important to them. Hanging on the wall were two bridal portraits, incredible images of both Hashini and her husband that were so stoic they could have been paintings. I am always fascinated by the images hanging in people’s homes - little bits of history on their walls - and I asked who their wedding photographer was. That “might” have been a mistake… after hearing the very well known name of the man behind the portraits, I started to sweat a little, knowing this family had placed the milestone of their second daughter’s photographs in my hands. But right away I felt the ease of their little family of 4 and I fell in love with the light shining in through one window. I have always believed that less light is more, shadows allow features to be seen in a way that glowing bright light won’t allow, and when a baby is photographed with shadows around them you see every tiny inch of their little features. I feel very luck to have been the one to capture this time for the Bandaranayake Family, and I smile a little to know one of my photos will hang on the wall near another photographer I admire so much.