Sarah + Matt

Backyard DIY Wedding

Vancouver, BC

This was an incredibly special day. I only spent a few hours with Sarah and Matt, but it felt like I was able to capture so many wonderfully intimate moments between these two. They insisted from our first meeting that the most important aspect of their day was enjoying time with family and celebrating their love in a low-key affair with the best of friends. There was never any doubt for either of them that they would say 'I Do' in Sarah's grandmothers back yard right here in Vancouver, a place where Sarah grew up and spent her childhood summers. The feeling of the day was pure happiness, every image I captured has them glowing with joy, family and friends wrapped around them in support and love. I loved photographing this wedding because every aspect was from the heart - the room Sarah got ready in was where she had sleep overs as a child, the staircase where Matt saw her for the first time was one that had been climbed a million times by all the people in Sarah's life. The tennis court where they said thier vows was where Sarah and her family spent long summer afternoons, the viel she wore was her mothers... you get the idea, this day was thought out and prepared with the most important values in mind; family and love. I feel so lucky to have been part of this day, and hope I get to photograph these two as they grow into a family of their own.