Saturday Sessions

Messy Chaotic Real + Raw. Joyful Tired Truthful + Forever.


Have you ever looked at your parents old photo album or your grandparents old polaroids and gazed upon kids so young and free you practically don't realize they are your family? Little toddlers on the grass of a front lawn with one sock on, shorts too tight and one side of a bathing suit bottom wedged a little too high. Kids running through the living room, train set in a pile on the floor, or sitting on the sofa with a book you had as a hand me down years later. Maybe you have a photo of your dad giving a full, real belly laugh that you can almost hear through the image, holding you on his lap or grasping your hand. In these photos no one is posed, no one is waiting for a perfect moment to capture, no one is even slightly concerned with being put together, it's just real, raw + joyful.


Saturday sessions are documentary style sessions of the real moments in family life. They involve allowing me into your space to capture the truest of moments, uninhibited and unfiltered. I won't ask you to pose, move or alter anything, I'll simply watch and capture your family as it unfolds in front of my lens. Make coffee, lunch, play outside, change the diapers, put your hair in a bun, leave the toys on the floor, don't tidy your room, leave the mess. If this doesn't sound crazy to you and you want photos to document this perfectly crazy time in your life that goes by far too quickly, this session is for you.


Saturday Sessions are not about getting a perfect family portrait. What you will get is a photo full of all the quirky, honest and real tidbits that make your family who they are in this moment, right now.



$750.00 + tax

2 Hour session

In your home or location of your choice

All photos professionally edited

All images delivered in high-res, ready to print

Private, password protected online viewing gallery

100-150 final images

(all images are included in the session fee, no further purchase is required)

a 15% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking